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PACS Workflow:

  • Cloud PACS workflow: 100 % cloud based, zero footprint workflow. No installation needed. Works in web-browser.

  • Easily customizable PACS workflow tabs: Multiple fully customizable workflow views with admin determined filters based on the user profile, or user defined filter rules

  • Multiple simultaneous workflow tabs: Switch between tabs, or create new tabs with pre-defined filters and switch instantly between views, for a more efficient workflow.

  • Multiple customizable study tags/categories: create unlimited categories for better patient filtering, tagging, and workflow organization.

  • Multiple customizable study statuses: Besides the system pre-defined statuses (UNREAD/READ/PROBLEM/SUSPENDED/LOCKED/PEER REVIEW) institution can define its own study statuses for classification and filtering of studies

  • Multiple customizable study priorities: Instead of stat/nonstat, your institution can create it's own level of priority for triaging and prioritizing the reading of the studies and the workflows.

  • Right Drawer: Easy access right drawer to view and enter data related to the study (history, technologist notes, paperwork, etc)

  • Edit Study and edit DICOM: Edit study information and correct DICOM information.

Radiologist Study Instance:

  • Single screen shows all information that radiologist needs to produce the report, including technologist notes, paperwork, contrast dose, prior studies, etc

  • Integrated Dictation AI within in same window for seamless and efficient radiologist experience

  • AI technology for automatic parsing of Structure Report (SR) information from modality to report

  • Able to create more than one report per study (when more than one report is needed such as when multiple studies are sent in same accession)

  • Save report in final, preliminary or draft status

  • Grace period "oops time" for editing report after finalizing (setup by institution)

  • Open next study immediately from Study instance without returning to the workflow, for maximized reading efficiency

PACS Viewer Options:

  • Full-Featured Local Install PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) Viewer: RADIN PACS - Instant Visualization for Heavy Studies or Low Bandwidth Connections.

  • Zero Footprint PACS Viewer: Seamlessly Access and View Studies without Installation.

  • Mobile Viewer: Empower Your Smartphones and Tablets for On-the-Go Image Review.

Viewer Functionalities:

  • Fast, Efficient, and Intuitive Viewer: Optimal Performance for Quick and Seamless Image Review.

  • Customizable Hanging Protocols and Displays: Tailor Viewing Preferences to Your Workflow.

  • Flexible Buttons and Keystroke Shortcuts: Enhance Efficiency with Customizable Navigation.

  • On-the-Fly Multi-planar, MIP, and 3D Reconstructions: Visualize Images from Various Angles Instantly.

  • Universal Modality Support: View All Modalities, including Cine Loops, PET, and 3D Mammograms.

  • Key Images and Annotations for Future Reference: Save Important Findings in PACS for Easy Retrieval.

  • Seamless Transfer of Key Images to Reports: Incorporate Essential Images into Comprehensive Reports.

Unlocking the Advantages of RADIN's PACS:
The MOST customizable radiology workflow in the market, for improved efficiency

Radin PACS - Customizable Workflows and images

Both Worlds Combined:
Enjoy the intuitive and Fully customizable workflow views and Images

Radin PACS - customizable study stautuses
Radin PACS - Customizable Study categories and tags

Multiple customizable study categories/tags

Multiple customizable study statuses

Radin PACS - Unlimited customizable tabs
Radin PACS - Customizable Study Priorities

Multiple customizable study priorities

Unlimited customizable tabs for workflow organization

Radin PACS - AI dictation integration

Radiologist friendly study window with integrated AI dictation

Take RADIN for a test drive.

Discover the benefits of RADIN for yourself with our guided product tour.

High-resolution, uncompressed digital medical images provide optimal clarity and intricate details, enhancing the accuracy of diagnoses through precise visualization.

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