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  • State-of-the-art speech recognition AI model for accurate transcription

  • Natural language dictation with automatic deployment in the correct header of structure reports​
  • Automatic generation of report impression based on critical findings dictated

  • Learning and adaptation to specific speech patterns and vocabulary

  • Seamless integration with RIS, PACS, and EMR systems

  • Increased productivity and improved patient care with accurate reports

  • Automatic inconsistency checks and structured reporting

  • Zero-footprint technology for efficient and stable dictation 

Cut your dictation time in half with
Smart Dictation (Ai - intelligent feature)

The animation above illustrates the process wherein the Radiologist provides a dictation of the findings, and the Smart Dictation feature subsequently uses AI to categorize and integrate it seamlessly into its corresponding area of the report.​ 

Radin Voice Dictation AI

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