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In Control Room Doctor and Radiologist Discuss Diagnosis while Watching Procedure and Moni

RADIN Solutions

Welcome to our solutions page, where you will discover the innovative RADIN EMR (SaaS) Platform for RIS, PACS, Dictation AI and SELECT product lines. Our cutting-edge software is designed to streamline your radiology practice and improve patient care, enabling you to manage all aspects of your radiology information in a single, zero-footprint, cloud-based platform, powered by artificial intelligence. Our system will improve efficiency, save time, decrease errors, increase throughput and boost revenue by streamlining all stages of the radiology workflow: patient engagement, patient scheduling, technologist and radiologist scheduling, pre-authorization workflow, technologist workflow, radiologist workflow, radiologist study distribution, radiology dictation, report delivery, and much more.


Discover RADIN RIS, the comprehensive and scalable Radiology Information System that optimizes your facility's workflows, powered by AI. From seamless patient engagement, scheduling, pre-authorization, front desk and technologist workflows, to the delivery of the report, with physician and patient portals, our integrated solution enhances collaboration and streamlines operations.


Our RIS is part of our whole solution, although it can be integrated with other PACS. Explore the power of RADIN RIS for enhanced radiology management.



Unlock the full potential of your radiology imaging with RADIN PACS, our advanced Picture Archiving and Communication System. Experience dynamic workflow management with unlimited customizable workflow views and user access control, and PACS viewer ready to display all modalities, with unlimited hanging protocols and able to produce on the flight 3D recons, MIPS and MPRs. 


Our PACS in part of our whole RIS/PACS solution, or can be offered separately and integrate with other RIS systems, and works with both our cloud storage or can be plugged to your on-prem storage.


Introducing RADIN Dictation AI, our zero footprint AI-powered radiology reporting solution. Benefit from our state-of-the-art speech recognition AI model, the fastest and most accurate medical speech recognition in the market, that needs no initial training, but still learns and adapts to your unique speech patterns for continuous improvement. Featuring our proprietary AI powered "smart dictation mode", freely dictate and observe each phrase automatically deploying in the correct paragraph of a templated report and the critical findings automatically being added to the impression, reducing up to 50% of the time it takes to generate a report.

Also, our Clinical Help feature provides automatic suggestions and links (Fleischner criteria, Lung-RADS, Adrenal wash out calculator, Bone age statistical data, etc), to be used as reference when creating a report, or to be added at the bottom of the report. Save even more time when our Dictation AI extracts information from the DICOM SR and parses the information into the report, like ultrasound organ measurements, or doppler velocities.

When used in combination with our whole solution (RIS/PACS), relevant information (clinical history, previous studies) are also included in the report. It can also be integrated into other systems.


Automates workflow management like no other product in the market or uses in our own workflow module to deploy any other PACS viewer.


Plug it in as a back-end product integrating with any other PACS or RIS assigning the studies automatically (you don’t have to change your system)

Take RADIN for a test drive.

Discover the benefits of RADIN for yourself with our guided product tour.

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