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Comprehensive & Scalable RIS Solution:  
Empowering Your Facility with Comprehensive & Scalable RIS - RADIN RIS: Unleash the Power of Advanced Radiology Management Software for imaging centers, 


  • Comprehensive and scalable solution for any size facility

  • Efficient workflows from order/prescription to report delivery

  • Smart scheduling and multiple study suggestions for shorter patient visits

  • Integrated SMS system and patient portal for seamless patient engagement

  • Seamless integration with billing systems and PACS

  • Referring physician portal for enhanced collaboration

Radin RIS

Unlocking Efficiency:
AI automatic filling of patient demographics

AI-Powered Document Classification

Radin Health RIS AI automatic document classification
Radin Health Front Desk Workflow

Streamlined User-Friendly Intuitive, pre-appointment 

Front desk and Technologist workflow

Take RADIN for a test drive.

Discover the benefits of RADIN for yourself with our guided product tour.

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