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  • Solves the problem of study assignment and distribution for large volume multi specialty radiology practices.

  • Automates workflow management like no other product in the market or uses in our own workflow module to deploy any other PACS viewer. Plug it in as a back-end product integrating with any other PACS or RIS assigning the studies automatically (you don’t have to change your system)

  • Rule based and AI technology analyzes each study based on information provided by EMR and PACS and automatically assigns studies to the radiologist(s) best fitted to read each study.

  • Create rules based on any possible combination of facility, location, state, modality, CPT, study description, type of payer, specific payer, referring physician and patient’s age.

  • Proprietary unique technology for simultaneous multi-radiologist assignment that allows the most efficient workflow and delivery of reports boosting productivity of the practice.

  • “No list” feature fetches the next study to next available qualified radiologist, avoiding studies being unnecessarily stuck in radiologists lists and avoiding cherry picking.

  • Customizable priority level system, up to 100 priority  levels, to orchestrate the delivery of reports based on SLA or other rules.

  • Workflow balancing based on study count or RVUs that can be tailored based on each radiologist productivity, even considering average recent productivity.

  • Allows optional capping of radiologist workload to avoid burnout.

  • Includes radiologist schedule module, or can integrate with other scheduling systems.

  • Multiple dashboards to show radiologist productivity, volumes by modality, facility, etc.

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