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RSNA 2023

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Radin Health has carefully engineered a comprehensive suite of solutions strategically aimed at enhancing operational efficiency throughout all stages of the radiology workflow. Simultaneously, these solutions offer increased efficiencies and productivity. Our SaaS solutions aim to enhance the experiences of a wide array of users, including administrators, medical professionals, and radiologists.


  • Comprehensive and scalable solution for any size facility

  • Efficient workflows from order/prescription to report delivery

  • Smart scheduling and multiple study suggestions for shorter patient visits

  • Integrated SMS system and patient portal for seamless patient engagement

  • Seamless integration with billing systems and PACS

  • Referring physician portal for enhanced collaboration

In Control Room Doctor and Radiologist Discuss Diagnosis while Watching Procedure and Moni


We understand your challenges.
Our Solutions were designed by Radiologists, for Radiologists.


All-in-one Solution.

From Patient Engagement to Final Report Delivery

All integrated solution can manage the entire workflow from appointment to final report delivery

AI-Powered Cloud-based Technology

Whether your want to store images on Radin's cloud or on premise, our cloud-based solution will manage your entire workflow.

About Us

Our Story

As a Radiologist, I understand our technology struggles, challenges, and daily obstacles.

I wanted to create a centralized SaaS Platform to solve the interoperability in imaging centers, hospitals and clinics. With the growing trends of technology, we are faced with legacy systems that do not speak to each other.

Our All-in-One SaaS Platform solves this. Our AI-Powered Solution works seamlessly as the RIS, PACS, Voice Recognition, and Workflow Management components work as a unity to improve efficiency, decrease burnout, and increase your revenue generation. 

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