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Interested in learning more about our RADIN PACS (AI-Powered Solution), then please refer to our demo request: and request your demo today!


PACS Workflow:

Cloud PACS workflow: 100 % cloud based, zero footprint workflow. No installation needed. Works in web-browser.

Easily customizable PACS workflow tabs: Multiple fully customizable workflow views with admin determined filters based on the user profile, or user defined filter rules

Multiple simultaneous workflow tabs: Switch between tabs, or create new tabs with pre-defined filters and switch instantly between views, for a more efficient workflow.

Multiple customizable study tags/categories: create unlimited categories for better patient filtering, tagging, and workflow organization.

Multiple customizable study statuses: Besides the system pre-defined statuses (UNREAD/READ/PROBLEM/SUSPENDED/LOCKED/PEER REVIEW) institution can define its own study statuses for classification and filtering of studies

Multiple customizable study priorities: Instead of stat/nonstat, your institution can create it's own level of priority for triaging and prioritizing the reading of the studies and the workflows.

Right Drawer: Easy access right drawer to view and enter data related to the study (history, technologist notes, paperwork, etc)

Edit Study and edit DICOM: Edit study information and correct DICOM information.

Radiologist Study Instance:

Single screen shows all information that radiologist needs to produce the report, including technologist notes, paperwork, contrast dose, prior studies, etc

Integrated Dictation AI within in same window for seamless and efficient radiologist experience

AI technology for automatic parsing of Structure Report (SR) information from modality to report

Able to create more than one report per study (when more than one report is needed such as when multiple studies are sent in same accession)

Save report in final, preliminary or draft status

Grace period "oops time" for editing report after finalizing (setup by institution)

Open next study immediately from Study instance without returning to the workflow, for maximized reading efficiency

PACS Viewer Options:

Full-Featured Local Install PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) Viewer: RADIN PACS - Instant Visualization for Heavy Studies or Low Bandwidth Connections.

Zero Footprint PACS Viewer: Seamlessly Access and View Studies without Installation.

Mobile Viewer: Empower Your Smartphones and Tablets for On-the-Go Image Review.

Viewer Functionalities:

Fast, Efficient, and Intuitive Viewer: Optimal Performance for Quick and Seamless Image Review.

Customizable Hanging Protocols and Displays: Tailor Viewing Preferences to Your Workflow.

Flexible Buttons and Keystroke Shortcuts: Enhance Efficiency with Customizable Navigation.

On-the-Fly Multi-planar, MIP, and 3D Reconstructions: Visualize Images from Various Angles Instantly.

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